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Shortly after winning an amazing £917.30 Progressive Bingo JP on March 9th, we caught up with JBBaby for a quick chat. JBBaby has been a member since May 17th, 2006 and she has this to say:

"I was very surprised and quite excited to win this Progressive Jackpot! I like playing here at BingoMEGA because of the safe chat and the people I get to meet and also the Chat Masters are friendly."

Asked on what she intends to do with her winnings, she replied: "Spend some of it on myself and probably save the rest to go towards a new computer."

And what message does JBBaby have for the other players: " It will happen one day!.. It has to me ...twice!"


Bassin Babe was the lucky winner of our 2006 Cruise Miles Tournament giving her an expenses paid ticket to hop aboard! Here's what she thought of the amazing experience!

CARIBBEAN CRUISE HAS DOCKED!"How could one ever say how wonderful you have made my life! I never thought I could fulfill my lifetime dreams. You have fulfilled 5 of them at one time! The cruise was the most awesome thing I have ever had the pleasure of doing. I have met new friends that will be a part of my life forever! Bingo Entertainment has opened doors in my world. Who would have thought someone like me who works all the time would have the honor of representing my Bingo site. A big thank you goes out to Bingo MEGA and all the players. It was such an honor."

Shortly after winning a fantastic £2,014.05 on a progressive bingo jackpot at Bingo MEGA we caught up with the lucky player, nicknamed "MoonShineWitch" for a quick chat.

This is what she had to say when she realized she had won the jackpot: "I was shocked and kept telling my husband in a loud voice; bingo, bingo I have a bingo. I had just typed in 17 and boom, there it was."

With her winnings she plans to: "We are in the middle of remodeling a home we bought so it will be put to a good use."

As far as what makes Bingo MEGA her preferred site: "Your game site is user friendly and the one thing that brings me back again and again is the game GM's and the roomies. Thanks again for a nice safe and friendly site to play at and keep up the good work."

Shortly after winning a staggering £1,785.74 on a progressive bingo jackpot we caught up with the lucky player, nicknamed "Mega Inmate" for a quick chat.

After playing for a long time, when she realized she had won the jackpot she had this to say: "I was in total shock. Just sat and stared at the monitor to make sure I actually had won. The win was the exact numbers needed. I won the 6 pack in the 5 numbers required. I was shocked to watch each number called finding its place on my card."

According to our player this was a special win because: "Never in my wildest dreams have I ever expected to win a jackpot of this magnitude. I have won 2 smaller ones long ago, both around £300.00 and was just as happy to get those. However this was a great surprise especially this close to Christmas."

"Mega Inmate" was thrilled to say what she plans to do with her winnings: "Getting family members more of the things they want for Christmas, pay a few Dr. Bills and of course play more Bingo MEGA."

She also pointed out that: "Bingo, like any other online gambling is a game of chance. You don"t have to play a ton of cards. I play what I can afford."

When it comes to choosing an online bingo site to play "Mega Inmate" had this to say about Bingo MEGA : "I like Wendy and how she runs her games. I know it is honest and I can trust that the games are run fair and square. I can"t compete with the people most the time and don"t try to. I play what I can afford. This is just a game, and people need to remember that."

She also pointed out that: "I have been a player at Bingo MEGA almost since the day it started and I have played at several of their sister sites. I always come "Home" to the Mega games since I like it here and I am more comfortable playing where I know the people and the GM"s. Thank you Bingo MEGA and your owners for being my entertainment. You make it fun to be here."

You can take a gamble and try your luck!

Interview with Bassin Babe - winner of the £3,012.67 jackpot on July 5th at Bingo MEGA

1) How did you feel when you realized you had won the JP?
Totally amazed!

2) Was it a very close win or were there any interesting events leading up to it that make this such a memorable experience?
Lol, yes there was. I was trying to change my cards and set them up for dimes; I tried to make it 14 cards and the auto play gave me 140 cards. So I was like "oh how I hate that auto. Now I am going to be in a different set of cards dang it dang it dang it. So I reset it for the 10 cards. It was 11:57pm and I was too tired to wait to see color, so I took my chances and went to bed. As I lay there in the bed the next game was the jet pattern and I saw 2 green cards so I smiled and thought well I GOT COLOR so I can rest easy and hope. The next game was the Double L and I got to green again yippee, so I laid there and the next game started was the W pattern; after about 7 calls my O line was looking good and I fell asleep. When I got up and saw that I had won the jackpot I looked to see what pattern I won it on and I was totally in shock, it was the very next game after the W pattern and I had fallen asleep on, was too funny!

I had won on the six pack pattern at 12:03 am, only 6 min after changing sets! And I so want others to know that I did not win another game on THAT BAD SET of cards lol. So to all remember it's not how many cards you play, it's not how good a set you have, it's that one glorious wonderful winning card and only takes that one to do it. And I LOVE THE AUTO NOW! lol

3) How long had you been playing for this jackpot?
I play constantly not for a jackpot but for the pleasure of playing and being with my Mega friends.

4) Did you ever expect to win a JP of this size?
Had not given it any real thought, we all would like to win and secretly we hope but no I did not expect to win it.

5) What do you plan to do with your winnings?
Going to remodel my bathroom and replace the roof on my business. (Have tried to save forever for these projects)

6) Have you ever won a JP before?
Yes I won a JP at Mega in Aug 2002 for £676.02

7) Do you have any advice for other bingo players about winning and being lucky?
Yes, play conservatively and play consistently, be patient and most of all enjoy it. Do not think you always have to win to be happy, and be happy for those who do!

8) With so many bingo sites out there, what makes Bingo MEGA your preferred site to play at?
Mega is the most professionally run site I have ever played on. The screen design is ultimately the most realistic, and I trust and believe in MEGA. They will always remain my bingo home. And I want to say I have always felt this way it has nothing to do with winning a jackpot! I have played here at Mega for three years.

"The GM's are great and always are quick to answer any questions and help with any problems you may be having. Have been here since it started and have played other sites in the past 6 years and I always keep coming back to the best bingo game there is."

"My favorite thing about Bingo MEGA is winning-of course. lol The chatting and the roomies GMWendy is the best-funloving and even tempered i like all of the GM's tho."

"I like the software, the games and the Chat Hosts are all great."

"Yes i just want to say that i have been playing here for over 3 years, i live in a small town where all that i played here with have won a jackpot. i'm the only one who didn't but i know its coming, so im gonna keep on trying. i have played at other sites before but to me this is the best one. i mean that from my heart i really do keep up the good work ther and i will be looking forward to that JP check lol thank you Bingo MEGA"

"I love the way the gm make you feel so welcome"



Megamouth was the lucky winner of our 2006 Cruise Miles Tournament giving her an expenses paid ticket to hop aboard the Annual World Championship Bingo Tournament and Gaming Cruise around the Caribbean!CARIBBEAN CRUISE WINNER!
Here's a photo of Megamouth on board the luxury liner, Carnival Legend!


COWGIRLBECKY won a £827.03 progressive bingo jackpot on March 27th!

TT1 won a £785.98 progressive bingo jackpot on March 24th!
Shortly after winning an amazing £785.98 on a progressive bingo jackpot at Bingo MEGA we caught up with the lucky player, nicknamed "TT1 for a quick chat.

After playing regularly for a little over a year, "TT1" had this to say about her win: "Oh my, I was shocked! Well I won two other jackpots here so I never expected to win again."

As far as her winnings she pointed out that: "I just got back from Las Vegas and didn't do so well, so this JP helped me to more or less have a free Las Vegas trip!?

She finally wanted to advise her roomies to: "Never give up, it will come when you least expect it. I don't consider myself lucky; it's just having that right card at the right time. The great thing about Bingo MEGA is it's only a nickel a card!"

" Everyone in the chat room's make u feel very welcomed they are very nice people this will make anyone come back to this site.

" From the very first day i played here, I have always loved the GMs. They are all kind, courteous, helpful and at times downright hilarious. I like the game patterns, would like to see more short ones or more double bingo ones, besides that I love it here. Bingo Mega is like one great big family of great roomies, wonderful Gms and awesome account and tech support.I would recommend bingo mega to anyone that wanted to know a great site to play at."

" What is your favorite thing about Bingo MEGA?"
Free games and you can redeem points to play there.

" Friendly & helpful GM's, superb roomies, awesome games & the prize money is outstanding for nickel games!!!!!!! This site is the absolute best! As long as I'm able to fund, I will ALWAYS come back! Been very sick for over a month and no income, so money is very slim, to say the least, but I do what I can when I can .... LOVE IT! :)))) ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING! THE PRICE IS AFFORDABLE ... BUT WITHOUT THE GREAT GM'S AND ROOMIES, IT WOULDN'T BE "PERFECT"!!!!!!! "
Since I've been so sick and am not able to do anything or go out, I just want to thank you for the hours of fun. I love the rules you have which prevents players from being rude or using foul language. Your bingo is the best site I've ever found and plan on playing for as long as I possibly can! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

"The people and i like the way things are organized and easy to understand. Will always be around best bingo site i have found and my easy way to relax"

" Well I like when I win of course... However, the games are fast and change often. The Chat Monitors are "GREAT".. As are the roomies..."

"I love the free games and the excitment of watching the cards change colors i also like the chat games"

"I love the chat games but i think the thing i love most is the game itself i love that we can put it on auto and never miss a game. I love mega bingo i think the gm's are great and make you feel welcome when you come in the room i think its the best paying bingo site on the net that is why i promote it on my site "

"Winning and getting to play bingo, slots and video poker, your games at least let you play on money for a while rather than taking it all back in a matter of a few losing hands :) This is my favorite place on the web thanks :)

" love this site i consider it number #1"

" Its cheap, great prizes, great design, great Hosts "



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